Highlands Ranch, CO

HOA accused of excessive accommodations for senior home

November 16, 2015
Frustrated Highlands Ranch residents say their homeowners association is bending the rules too far to accommodate a senior citizen home.
     The new owner of the house on Forrest Drive, near Cougar Run Elementary School, is converting it from a three-bedroom house to a group home for eight senior citizens with Alzheimer's or other mental disorders.
     Neighbors say the owner is violating Highlands Ranch Community Association covenants - by building bedrooms in the garage, adding unapproved windows, and putting a flashing commercial fire alarm outside. They are also concerned about how much traffic and garbage the home will produce.

Debate ensues over residential group homes in Highlands Ranch

November 03, 2015
For Highlands Ranch resident Cathy Mumper, the decision to move her father, who was beginning to experience symptoms of dementia, to a group home four years ago has been a good one.
     The small size and familial environment provide comfortable, secure and personal care, she said. “It keeps him in a place where his anxiety doesn’t come up because he feels safe.”
     But some Highlands Ranch residents are unhappy with the location of two group homes for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s in their neighborhoods and the proposed building of a third. They worry about the patients’ mental health, increase of traffic, lack of parking and safety of neighbors.
     “These people aren’t well,” Cathy Ward told the Highlands Ranch Community Association board at its Oct. 20 meeting, referring to the group home under construction at Venneford Ranch Road and Forrest Drive near Cougar Run Elementary School. “We decided as a neighborhood that we were going to protect our children and our property.”
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