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The National Fair Housing Advocate Online would like to thank the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit for sharing the data it compiled for the annual "$190 Million and Counting" report.  The National Fair Housing Alliance funds a hard copy printing of it each year as well.

We make the data available here to aid individuals, attorneys and fair housing groups who need to get a sense of the amounts others have recovered in housing discrimination cases.  This can help in evaulating cases for trial or settlement negotiations.

The "$190 Million and Counting" database is compiled from a survey of the operating members of the National Fair Housing Alliance. These members are non-profit fair housing enforcement agencies throughout the country. The respondents are asked to provide information on settlements and court awards in fair housing cases.

Limitations of the data of which you should be aware:

  • Respondents are only those fair housing organizations that are members of the National Fair Housing Alliance. Other non-NFHA organizations may have information that is not part of the survey. Individual plaintiffs who filed court cases without the aid of a NFHA member organization also are not part of the survey.
  • The survey contains only data regarding court cases. Recoveries in administrative proceedings before HUD or a state or local human rights agency are not reported.
  • The data is unable to convey special circumstances that might have led to a recovery that is inordinately high or low.  Before relying on such figures to arrive at any conclusions, you should contact the fair housing organization responsible for the case for further information.

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