About the NFHAO Case Database

The National Fair Housing Advocate is the leading fair housing resource on the Internet.  The NFHAO offers low-cost access to our searchable and ever-growing database of almost 3,500 court and HUD cases.

Rates and policies for annual case database subscriptions (please read carefully):

  • Individuals (i.e., not connected with an organization, such as attorneys in solo practice): $100 per year
  • Organizations with budgets of $50,000 or more per year: 2-5 people: $150 per year; 6-10 people: $300 per year; and so on in increments of $150 per 5 users. NOTE:Governmental agencies are entitled to the same rates as private organizations, but those signing up for a governmental agency should be prepared to provide a purchase order.
  • Non-profit organizations with budgets of less than $50,000: The first 5 users are free. This rate does not apply to individuals, and organizations seeking this rate should be prepared to provide documentation of 501(C)(3) status and budget.

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