24 CFR 103.405 Issuance of charge

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(a) A charge:

(1) Shall consist of a short and plain written statement of the facts upon which the Assistant Secretary has found reasonable cause to believe that a discriminatory housing practice has occurred or is about to occur;

(2) Shall be based on the final investigative report; and

(3) Need not be limited to facts or grounds that are alleged in the complaint filed under subpart B of this part. If the charge is based on grounds that are not alleged in the complaint, HUD will not issue a charge with regard to the grounds unless the record of investigation demonstrates that the respondent has been given notice and an opportunity to respond to the allegation.

(b) Within three business days after the issuance of the charge, the General Counsel shall:

(1) Obtain a time and place for hearing from the Chief Docket Clerk of the Office of Administrative Law Judges;

(2) File the charge along with the notifications described in Sec. 104.410(b) with the Office of Administrative Law Judges;

(3) Serve the charge and notifications in accordance with 24 CFR 104.410(a); and

(4) Notify the Assistant Secretary of the filing of the charge.

[54 FR 3292, Jan. 23, 1989, as amended at 56 FR 55078, Oct. 24, 1991; 59 FR 39956, Aug. 5, 1994; 59 FR 46759, Sept. 12, 1994; 60 FR 58452, Nov. 27, 1995]

Editorial Note: At 61 FR 52218, Oct. 4, 1996, Sec. 103.405 was amended by replacing all references to ``Part 104'' with ``Part 180'', however, no references to ``Part 104'' exist in the 1996 edition.

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