24 CFR 115.207 Procedure for interim certification

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(a) Upon receipt of a request for certification filed under Sec. 115.206, the Assistant Secretary may request further information necessary for a determination to be made under this section. The Assistant Secretary may consider the relative priority given to fair housing administration, as compared to the agency's other duties and conflict of fair housing objectives with these other duties and responsibilities.

(b) Interim certification. If the Assistant Secretary determines, after application of the criteria set forth in Sec. 115.202 that the State or local law or ordinance, on its face, provides substantive rights, procedures, remedies, and judicial review procedures for alleged discriminatory housing practices that are substantially equivalent to those provided in the Act, the Assistant Secretary may offer to enter into an Agreement for the Interim Referral of Complaints and Other Utilization of Services (Interim Agreement). The interim agreement will outline the procedures and authorities upon which the interim certification is based.

(c) Such interim agreement, after it is signed by all appropriate signatories, will result in the agency receiving interim certification.


(1) Interim agreements shall be for a term of no more than three years. The Assistant Secretary, through the FHEO Field Office, will conduct one or more on-site assessments to determine whether the agency administers its fair housing law or ordinance in a manner that is substantially equivalent to the Act.

(2) Performance Improvement Plan. If the agency is not administering its law or ordinance in a manner that is substantially equivalent, the Assistant Secretary, may, but need not, offer a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to the agency. The PIP will outline the agency's deficiencies, identify necessary corrective actions, and include a timetable for completion.

(3) If the agency receives a PIP, funding under the FHAP may be suspended for the duration of the PIP. Once the agency has implemented corrective actions to eliminate the deficiencies, and such corrective actions are accepted by the Assistant Secretary, funding may be reinstated.

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