24 CFR 115.304 Agencies eligible for contributions funds

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(a) An agency that has received CB funds for three consecutive years is eligible for contributions funding. Contributions funding consists of three categories:

(1) Complaint Processing (CP) funds;

(2) Administrative Costs (AC) funds; and

(3) Special Enforcement Efforts (SEE) funds (Sec. 115.305 sets forth the requirements for SEE funding).

(b) CP funds.

(1) Agencies receiving CP funds will receive such support based solely on the number of complaints processed by the agency and accepted for payment by the Director of FHEO during a consecutive, specifically identified, 12-month period. Normally this period will be the previous year's funding cycle.

(2) Funding for agencies in their fourth year of participation in the FHAP will be based on the number of complaints acceptably processed by the agency during the agency's third year of participation in the FHAP.

(c) Administrative Cost (AC) funds.

(1) Agencies which acceptably process 100 or more cases will receive no less than 10 percent of the agency's annual FHAP payment amount for the preceding year, in addition to case processing funds, contingent on fiscal year appropriations. Agencies that acceptably process fewer than 100 cases will receive a flat rate contingent on fiscal year appropriations.

(2) Agencies will be required to provide HUD with a statement of how they intend to use the AC funds. HUD may require that some or all AC funding be directed to activities designed to create, modify, or improve local, regional, or national information systems concerning fair housing matters (including the purchase of state of the art computer systems and getting on line or internet access, etc.).

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