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Mansfield Housing Authority case reaches settlement

September 30, 2016
The Mansfield Housing Authority (MHA) has reached a settlement of $180,000 for allegations of discrimination based on race. The settlement was announced by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center on Aug. 30.
     The case was brought forth by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center on behalf of Equalla Jenkins, who was denied access to a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher by the MHA in 2014. Although she was eligible for the program according to both state and federal law, she was refused access. The Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal program that is designed to assist low income families to afford housing in the private sector.
     According to federal law, housing authorities such as the MHA receive federal funds on the condition that they be used for the voucher program. The Mansfield Housing Authority in particular is responsible for implementing this program in the towns of Mansfield, Ashford, Coventry, Willington and Chaplin.
     Jenkins, who is African American, had made it through the initial stages of the application for the voucher program, but was ultimately denied due to policies of the MHA.
     Particularly, the housing authority had speculated that she would be unable to maintain her job in Middletown from the Mansfield area. Although Jenkins had made plans for getting to work, the MHA had required her to provide proof that she had a car.

Mansfield fair housing group looking into discrimination claim

July 29, 2009
The city's Fair Housing Commission is investigating the owner of a Mansfield trailer park who admitted on videotape he doesn't rent to African-Americans.
     "There's plenty of trash in Mansfield I could fill these (rental lots) with tomorrow. But that wouldn't make any sense. Nine out of 10 landlords would've done that," Sunnyview Estates owner Jeff McKay said on a surveillance video recorded last week. Afterward, he used a racial epithet to describe blacks.
     McKay's comment occurred during an unrelated argument with Brian Maglott, a tenant in the 46-parcel mobile home park off West Fourth Street. Maglott said he keeps video cameras rolling to deter flower thieves.
     Refusing to rent, lease or sell real estate to anyone based on race is a violation of federal law.
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