Minneapolis, MN

Suit accuses MN companies of racist hiring policies

December 13, 1999
A Big Lake, Minn., man has filed a federal lawsuit against two home-improvement companies, saying they conspired with homeowners to prevent Mexican-Americans from getting construction contracts.
    Herman Overstreet filed the suit Monday in U.S. District Court.
    Overstreet claims that customers of Panelcraft of Minnesota Inc. and Panelcraft Roofing of Minnesota Inc. have for years asked that no Mexican-American roofers be hired to work on their houses, and that the companies have agreed, assigning white-only crews. 

Minn. school districts loosening desegregation rules

August 26, 1999
When the Legislature decided 26 years ago it wouldn't tolerate segregated schools, it created a rule that forced the most racially diverse districts to integrate.
    But for the first time since 1973, those districts are beginning a new school year with a modified desegregation rule that is more flexible and, some might argue, more forgiving.
    This summer the state Department of Children, Families and Learning altered the rule, which required districts with large numbers of minorities to move students around to achieve specific racial balances. 

Minnesota conflict over transgender protected class

April 09, 1999
It is illegal in Minnesota to fire a worker because of race. Sandy Crosby has no problem with that. Nor can someone be axed because he or she is gay. Crosby is OK with that too.
    But Minnesota is also the only state in the nation to protect transgender residents against discrimination. Employers cannot fire people for presenting an "identity not traditionally associated with [their] biological maleness or femaleness." 


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