Resources and Notes

Fair Housing Summit Planned January 19-22

After a year of discussion and planning a US National Fair Housing Summit Meeting will be held January 19-22, 1994. The Summit will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel (800) 228-9290 or (703) 920-3230 in Alexandria, Virginia. The meeting is being convened by HUD and sponsored by the International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA), the National Association of Human Rights Workers (NAHRW), and the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA).

The four day meeting will discuss the direction needed for the future of fair housing. It will also discuss the need for more affirmative implementation and more effective enforcement of fair housing laws. Conference participants will assess progress made in ending housing discrimination. More information is expected soon.

The Not in My Backyard Report is a new newsletter and an outstanding new resource for fair housing advocates (see Omaha article on page 6). To add your name to the free mailing l ist write to American Friends Service Committee, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia PA 19102.  Send news and comments to Kale Williams, Editor, NIMBY Report, 305 S. Green St. Chicago, Illinois 60607, or call 312/258-8010 or FAX 312/454-6182.

Helping People Move to Opportunity is a "how to" manual prepared by the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities and Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, for those considering programs using the federal Section 8 subsidy to broaden housing choice for low-income families. Write to Leadership Council, 4132 S. State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60605, or call (312) 341-5678. A $10 charge includes postage and handling.

Advocate Thanks Supporters

The Fair Housing Advocate thanks its 5,000 readers, contributors and supporters. Together we have demonstrated the value of a newsletter regularly reporting cash settlements throughout the country.  Experience has shown that reporting monetary settlements is the most effective tool for encouraging complainants to file and for discouraging landlords from discriminating. We have also reported on affirmative action programs that attack institutionalized, systemic racism. Such efforts have just been revitalized with the commitments of Secretary Cisneros and Assistant Secretary Achtenberg.

We have recently had to reduce our publication schedule but we continue despite not being refunded in the recent round of HUD fair housing grants.  We again applied in the national and regional outreach category. We received high marks on all aspects of the newsletter, but we didn't do as well as others in suggesting supplemental or alternative funding. We ranked fourth, and HUD funded the first three.

We have other funds that enable us to publish every other month for a while. The need and the opportunity is so great right now that we just can't quit. We will apply again for HUD funds and see what happens in the next round. A nationally recognized fair housing attorney gave us a contribution that will pay for one issue. We welcome other contributions, but have no plans to solicit subscriptions

Please continue to promptly send information about your cases settlements. We need news clips, case documents, interpretations in your own words, and photographs. Thanks for all your letters of support.

Galen Martin, Editor