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Chicago landlord to pay $36,000 after threatening to "blow up" female tenant

Late last year in Chicago, a federal magistrate judge awarded $36,053 to Florence DuBois in actual and punitive damages to end a housing discrimination lawsuit involving sexual harassment. DuBois claimed that her landlord, Charles House, violated the Fair Housing Act by sexually harassing her. DuBois obtained a default judgment because House did not appear at the trial.

Malden, MA realty firm denied housing to Black man and woman, ordered to pay $60,000

Malden, MA realty firm denied housing to
Black man and woman, ordered to pay $60,000

In what state officials say is the largest award for damages ever issued in a housing discrimination case, the owners of a Malden, Mass. realty company have been ordered to pay more than $60,000 to a man and woman by the Massachusetts Committee Against Discrimination (MCAD).

St. Louis EHOC to receive nearly $30,000 in Justice Department settlement of racial discrimination case

The U.S. Department of Justice settled a St. Louis racial discrimination case for $30,000 earlier this year. Most of that money will go to the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council (EHOC) based on that organization's help in the Justice investigation.

After conducting tests in April 1993 at the Forder Road Apartments, a Missouri apartment complex, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sued owners Marjorie Stanec, Vince Stanec (her husband), and Andy Thielemier for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act.

Justice wins $475,000 in race/family settlement against Michigan complex 

The United States Department of Justice recently received a $475,000 settlement from the Park Woods Apartments in Allen Park, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The monetary settlement came in response to complaints of racial and family status discrimination from tenants and prospective tenants of Park Woods. The September 23 settlement was one of many stemming from the Justice Department's nationwide fair housing testing program.

Fair Housing Resources: </i>new fair housing videos, e-mail updates, and reports

Fair housing attorney Avery Friedman has produced a video seminar targeted to real estate professionals to educate them in the regulations of the Fair Housing Act. According to a brochure, Friedman's Fair Housing Training Program "can show you ho w to minimize your liability and maximize your profits." While this may seem pro-industry, Friedman is quick to point out that the seminar is "not a program on how to get around the Fair Housing Act. [It] shows you how to practice fair housing in your everyday operation."

Illinois condo association ordered to pay $43,290 to condo owners and HOPE in family case

In late July, United States Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys ordered the Chanticleer Condominium Association of Hinsdale, Illinois to pay $43,290 to Stephen and Kathleen Simovits, the owners of a condominium at the Chanticleer Condominium Complex, and the H OPE Fair Housing Center after the association prevented the Simovitses from selling their condo to a family with minor children.

Alabama firm will pay $30,000 for steering African-Americans and whites to different properties&nbsp;

A Montgomery, Alabama real estate company that was sued by the Justice Department for allegedly refusing to refer African-Americans to properties in predominantly white areas of the city agreed to pay $30,000 in damages in late October. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year, stems from the Justice Department's highly successful nationwide fair housing testing program.


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