2003 issues of The Advocate

New Jersey landlord pays $4,800 and agrees to fair housing training after keeping kids off the 2nd floor

Camille Musa Obeidallah, the owner of rental properties in Lodi, New Jersey, signed a Consent Order that requires her to pay a total of $4,800 and receive training in the requirements of the federal Fair Housing Act. The September 2002 Consent Order, approved by Administrative Law Judge Constance O’Bryant, resolves allegations that Obeidallah refused to rent a second-floor unit to Sandra Cabreja and her four-year-old son.

Mississippi man wins $8,750 and apology letters from respondents in racial discrimination case

Gary K. Yates, an African American man formerly of Jackson, Mississippi, has agreed to accept $8,750 and written letters of apology from Margaret K. Martin and Patrick R. Kavanaugh to settle his complaint of race, color, and sex discrimination against them. The April 2003 consent order also requires Martin to leave the rental real estate business permanently.

In January 2000, Yates sought to rent an apartment owned by Martin, Kavanaugh, and Betsy Breazeale on Greymont Avenue in Jackson. Yates spoke to Martin about the apartment via telephone.

Private groups handle more housing complaints but receive less funds than public agencies, says report

Private fair housing groups have handled more than twice the amount of fair housing complaints than all government enforcement agencies combined since 1999, according to a new report issued by the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA). The report, released on April 14, shows that the numbers of fair housing complaints around the country are trending upward, and that private agencies are handling the bulk of those complaints.

IL family pays $45,000 and quits rental real estate industry to resolve racial discrimination complaint

Cathy Wells, an African American woman from Illinois, and the South Suburban Housing Center have settled a federal racial discrimination lawsuit against the Arrivo family, the owners and managers of several apartment units in Homewood, Illinois. Under the February Consent Decree, the Plaintiffs will receive a $45,000 monetary award and the Arrivos will completely remove themselves from the rental real estate industry. They will no longer manage or market the properties they own.

In June 2002, Wells responded to an online ad for one-bedroom apartments.

Illinois landlord quotes higher rents to African Americans; pays $45,000 to HOPE Fair Housing

The HOPE Fair Housing Center settled a federal racial discrimination lawsuit against a Steger, Illinois landlord for $45,000. The Defendants also agreed to extensive fair housing training, monitoring by the Center, and affirmative marketing to counteract the effects of past racial discrimination.

Nicholas Broches is the builder and developer of several townhome-style rental units Chicago’s southern suburbs.

Wisconsin REALTOR and developer agree to pay $17,000 for refusing to sell lot for group home

Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services, a group home operator in Wisconsin, settled its fair housing complaint against a Wisconsin REALTOR and developer for $17,000 in October 2002. The Consent Order was approved by United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judge William C. Cregar.

The Order resolved allegations that Andrew Gabryshak of Gabryshak Development Corporation and Mary Pautsch of Mary Pautsch Realty (formerly RE/MAX Town and Country Realty) refused to sell an undeveloped lot to the group home operators.

Disabled Iowa woman wins $13,225 settlement after management tries to force her into nursing home

Melva Platt, a disabled woman living in Strawberry Point, Iowa agreed to accept $13,225 and affirmative relief to settle her HUD complaint against the operators of Strawberry Point Lutheran Home for the Aged. Platt had asserted that the operators of the home, where she has resided for many years, tried to force her out of the independent living section of the community and into a nursing home facility. When she refused, the management began eviction proceedings against her.

Platt began living at the Gernand Retirement Center for Independent Living in 1986.


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