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Large Florida Housing Developer Accused of Housing Discrimination

Washington, DC — West Palm Beach Coalition for Independent Living Options (CILO) and the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) have filed a housing discrimination lawsuit against Cornerstone Group Development Corporation (, one of the largest multifamily housing developers in Florida and the United States. The organizations allege discrimination by Cornerstone Group and several of its affiliates against people with disabilities under the federal Fair Housing Act.

$600,000 Settlement Ends Discriminatory Policies at Housing Complex for Persons with Disabilities

Four years after filing a federal lawsuit, the CT Fair Housing Center and the State of Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities have settled a landmark housing discrimination case with New Horizons Village, an apartment complex which markets itself as providing independent housing for people with severe physical disabilities.  Under the consent decree, New Horizons will cease requiring tenants to open their private medical records for review and to show that they can “live independently”.  New Horizons will also pay damages and attorney’s fees of

EHOC Calls on Treasury to Deny Bailout to Enterprise, First Bank, Heartland banks, and examine Regions

(Saint Louis, MO, Dec. 18, 2008) The Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council released a report today entitled "Bailing Out on Community Reinvestment: A St. Louis Fair Lending Study," which examined the records of 8 local banks that are participating or considering participating in the US Treasury's TARP Capital Purchase Program, known colloquially as the "$700 billion bailout." The report recommends that 3 local banks be denied participation until they demonstrate a commitment to lending to minority and low-income communities.

Justice prevails in Zanesville water case

July 23, 2008 - On July 10, 2008, a U.S. district court jury in Columbus, Ohio found the City of Zanesville and Muskingum County guilty of racial discrimination for denying public water service to persons who presently reside and/or have lived in the predominately African-American neighborhood of Coal Run Road and Langan Lane near the City of Zanesville. The jury found in favor of the 68 plaintiffs, including the Fair Housing Advocates Association (FHAA), which was awarded $80,000 as a part of the total $10.9 million damages award.

Fair Housing Council of Orange County names new Chief Operating Officer

(Santa Ana, California, Jun. 27, 2008) The Board of Directors of the Fair Housing Council of Orange County announced today that it has named Denise Y. Cato to the previously vacant position of Chief Operating Officer of the nonprofit housing counseling agency. Cato steps into the most senior management role in the absence of D. Elizabeth Pierson, the President/Chief Executive Officer who was placed on administrative leave by the Board of Directors earlier this month.

Insurance company sued for disability discrimination

(New London, Conn., Jan. 15, 2008) Dorian Clement and Michael Kaminski have filed a housing discrimination complaint in the United States District Court in Connecticut alleging that Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co., cancelled their dwelling insurance policy because they rented to men in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Clement and Kaminski have been landlords in Connecticut since at least 1987. Since opening their rental business, the two have had insurance for their properties through Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co., among other companies. In May 2006, Ms.

Owner of Hill House Apartments in Philadelphia Pays $30,000 to Settle Housing Discrimination Complaint

For Immediate Release

December 12, 2007

James Berry, Executive Director
Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia

Swarthmore, PA – The Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia (FHCSP) settled a complaint against Hill House Apartments located in Philadelphia, for violating the disability provision of the federal Fair Housing Act and Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.  Hill House is an eleven story apartment building, located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.

Marijane Ciccone, a former leasing agent for Hi


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