1994-1996 FHIP Final Report "New Organizations" Program Grant

Dakota Fair Housing Council under the direction of the Council for Concerned Citizens of Great Falls, Montana

The North Dakota Fair Housing Council (NDFHC) has available to the public or
any interested Fair Housing organization a copy of their two year 1994-1995
Final Report. The NDFHC was developed two years ago through a fair housing
partnership with Council for Concerned Citizens (CCC) of Montana. In 1994,
HUD's Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP)
to assist the development of the North Dakota Fair Housing Council to
provide a private fair housing organization. The NDFHC has been a pioneer
in providing fair housing education and enforcement in the state of North
Dakota. The NDFHC has developed from a fledgling organization into a full
service fair housing organization.

The work to be conducted in North Dakota was to:

1) Develop a private fair housing enforcement group in North Dakota with a
state office in Bismarck and an additional office in Fargo.

2) Conduct education and outreach to North Dakota citizens protected by
fair housing laws.

3) Conduct random testing for information and complaint based testing in
response to education and outreach efforts and referrals from other agencies.

4) Provide for attorney involvement in support of fair housing cases.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of an overview of North Dakota's
first two historical years in fair housing efforts, send $5.00 to cover
shipping and handling costs to: North Dakota Fair Housing Council, 533
Airport Road, Bismarck, ND 58504 or call (701) 221-2530. You may e-mail
NDFHC at ndfhc1@tic or ndfhc2@tic.