Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches files familial status discrimination suit

(LANTANA, Fla., Jan. 20, 2000) -- The Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches, (FHC) has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a couple against property owners, Wilbur and Naomi Taylor, charging discriminatory housing practices.  The suit charges that the property owners discriminate against families with children.

In December of 1999 the Fair Housing Center received a discrimination complaint block, Taylor Lane, in West Palm Beach.  On the bases of the complaint the FHC conducted an undercover investigation of the Taylors business operations.  The investigation confirmed the basis for the complaint.  The undercover investigation found that the Taylor's allowed only one child in each 2 bedroom unit and had a sign posted stating "One Child".

"This is a blatant case of familial status discrimination," said Vince Larkins, Director of the Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches.  "Here in the year 2000 they have made an entire block of nice rental units off limits to thousands of families with children".  Federal, state and local fair housing laws forbid discrimination based on familial status, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, marital status, age and sexual orientation.  Government data shows that an average of two million Americans get doors slammed in their faces each year because of bigotry and intolerance.

The Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.  The Fair Housing Center's mission is to provide private enforcement, education and legal support services by advocating for equal opportunities in housing, fostering culturally rich communities, understanding and respect between community members.

The plaintiffs are represented by FHC cooperating attorney, Mikel Jones of Davis, Gordon and Donor, PA, who specializes in fair housing and equal opportunities litigation.

For further information contact: Vince Larkins, (561) 533-8717