Race Discrimination Suit Filed Against Norristown Landlord


For further information contact: Elizabeth Albert of the Fair Housing Council of Montgomery County at 215-576-7711 or Michael Churchill of Public Interest Law Center at 215-627-7100.

The complaint charges that Greco engaged in racial and sexual harassment against female renters. The three female plaintiffs allege Greco made sexually explicit comments, entered their apartment without notice, made sexual advances or made derogatory statements about African Americans. One tenant complained that Greco entered her apartment while she was showering. Another plaintiff complained that when Greco made sexual comments to her during the application phase of renting. When she protested about the comments that Greco made and requested her deposit money back, he refused. Greco also made derogatory racial and sexual comments to another plaintiff.

Elizabeth Albert, the Executive Director of the Council stated, “The Council is committed to ensuring renters are treated fairly and that women are not subjected to harassing treatment.”

The Fair Housing Council of Montgomery County is a private fair housing organization dedicated to ensuring equal housing opportunities through education, outreach, enforcement, training and advocacy for victims of housing discrimination.

This month the National Fair Housing Alliance published 2002 Fair Housing Trends and reported that sexual harassment in housing is a problem across the county that is severely underreported because “women are extremely fearful of the ramifications of reporting sexual harassment”.

Upon interviewing the complainants it became apparent that Greco preyed upon single African American women who were referred to him by a local agency that participates in a rental assistance program. Racial and sexual harassment are prohibited by the Fair Housing Act. 

The Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia is representing the plaintiffs.