Asians face housing bias

July 01, 2003
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said the rate of discrimination against Asians in housing is similar to that found for African Americans and Hispanics. The HUD study looked at real estate practices in 11 U.S. cities with the highest populations of Asians and Pacific Islanders -- Anaheim/Santa Ana, Calif.; Chicago; Honolulu; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; Oakland, Calif.; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose, Calif.; and Washington.
     The study was based on 889 paired tests, in which minority and white homebuyers of similar incomes and other financial characteristics are matched and sent into the real estate market to document the treatment each receives. The experience of the paired testers, if unequal when compared, can provide evidence of possible discrimination.
     Specifically, the study found that Asian and Pacific Islander prospective renters experienced "consistent adverse treatment" relative to comparable whites in 21.5 percent of tests, about the same rate experienced by prospective African American and Hispanic renters.