Black trooper investigating Klan joke was in similar event

March 01, 2000
A black state trooper helping to investigate white troopers who wore Ku Klux Klan hoods as a party gag more than 11 years ago was photographed in a similar situation in 1981, officials said Tuesday. 
    Department of Public Safety Capt. Duane Steen, who now heads the DPS Region 1 narcotics unit in Garland, appeared in a snapshot published in the yearbook of his trooper training class in Austin more than 18 years ago. The snapshot shows Capt. Steen laughing with other black recruits who are pulling a white sheet over the head of a white trainee. The caption under the photo reads: "Say, sarge, are you sure this guy belongs here?" 
    DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange confirmed that the incident is under investigation, but she said it differs from the 1988 Livingston office birthday party that drew national attention and led the DPS to take disciplinary action and tighten rules.