Company files fair housing suits against town

June 19, 2015
A non-profit based in Altamont has filed state and federal lawsuits against the town of Colonie due to what the organization calls “intentional discrimination,” according to legal documents filed.
     The town’s attorney, Mike Maggiulli stated, however, that the town denies all allegations.
     Rehabilitation Support Services (RSS), a not-for-profit group which provides housing for people with mental disabilities, has filed litigation against the town of Colonie for discrimination by blocking a $30 million housing project called Colonie Hills that would provide affordable housing for elderly, veterans, low-income working families and individuals recovering from mental illness, officials said.
     “In rescinding the zoning classification based on the sequence of events just prior to the rescission and in applying different substantive criteria and procedures to RSS than it did to other Colonie Planned Development District (PDD) projects, Colonie’s actions constituted intentional discrimination on the basis of disability in violation of the Federal Fair Housing Act,” according to a federal filing from May.