Department of veterans affairs issues service animal regulation

August 18, 2015
The Department of Veterans Affairs issued a revised regulation on Aug. 17 that sets in place a national policy for the presence of animals in VA clinics, hospitals and on all VA properties. It defines "service animals" in conformity with existing federal regulations enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act. Only dogs, individually trained to be service animals, are allowed on VA premises.
     Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland meets a guide dog puppy during the 2015 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 29, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.
     The latest codification of federal regulations about service animals is found in 28 CFR 35.136. Entities covered by these regulations may exclude a service animal for only two reasons; if it is out of control and the animal's handler cannot or will not control the animal, or if the animal is not housebroken.