Did family lose house over $39?

May 28, 2009
Thousands of people in southern Nevada are struggling to hang on to their homes. Even those who thought a loan modification program would offer some relief have found it doesn't always help.
     News 3 Investigator Mitch Truswell talked to a local family who lost their home over, believe it or not, about what you'd spend to fill up your tank.
     "Your house has been sold based on the fact you failed to send a $39 contribution. We figured by you not sending that, you didn't want to stay in the house."
     That's what American Servicing Company, a division of Wells Fargo, told David Zepeda earlier this month. That conversation came after a notice of new ownership was taped to his door telling him, his wife, and his two children that their home had been sold May 8.