Discrimination, segregation still prevalent in housing

June 22, 2005
On her way out of the courtroom, just after an eviction order against her had been overturned, Eboni SternJohn was relieved, but still troubled. The young graduate student and her husband, Julius, approached the representative of her building’s property management company, seeking an explanation. Eboni later recalled that the representative rebuffed them, turned away, and muttered that he was "tired of dealing with n*****s."
     The shock, she remarked in an interview, was only temporary, as the remark merely confirmed the couple’s growing suspicions. She recalled, since taking over their multiethnic apartment building in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the new landlord had not only ignored the repeated requests for maintenance repairs from minority tenants, but had also issued a slew of eviction notices aimed at residents of color.
     The courtroom incident, Eboni told The NewStandard, removed any remaining doubt that "we were in for a fight, and it was definitely based on race."