Does half of Louisville really live in ‘EXTREME SEGREGATION’?

February 04, 2015
No… or maybe. Either way we have a problem with residential segregation that we need to address.
     Earlier this month the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission released an action plan for fair housing that lays out steps for improving access to housing and increasing housing choice for the people of Louisville. The plan pulls together a lot of great thinking on policies for minimizing discrimination in housing and is prefaced by a really interesting look at the housing history of Louisville. The report was put together by the great folks at the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research with work on the action steps by the Metropolitan Housing Coalition.
     As a community, we need tools that make the case for why action on fair housing is so important for Louisville– so I understand why the action plan puts a particular statistic front and center – 45% percent of Louisville residents live in extreme racial segregation – a statistic like this is very powerful and speaks to very real experiences – it makes for a really great sound bite or headline – the only problem is that the underlying data is from almost 15 years ago (continued below the map).