Fancy apartment building makes poor residents use separate entrance

July 30, 2014
It's amazing how government bureaucracy and over-regulation can seriously screw things up for the people forced to live under the laws designed to "protect" them. For example, one law in New York City having to do with affordable housing has led one developer to legally create what many are calling a "poor door."
     Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is under fire for approving a building for mixed-use residence -- about 20 percent of the 33-story skyscraper will be low-income housing, while the rest will rent or sell for market value. The problem? The affordable units will be grouped together in one area, and will have its own separate entrance. Talk about separate but equal.
     Civil rights attorney Randolph McLaughlin called the building-within-a-building design "disgraceful," and called out the developers. "To permit developers or encourage them to create separate and unequal buildings and take tax credits and benefits from the city," he said, "I think that's a constitutional violation."