Justice Department sues, alleges housing violates ADA

March 09, 2008
The Justice Department is suing more than two dozen local architects, engineers, developers and real estate investors, saying they built multifamily housing that doesn't provide adequate access for people with disabilities.
     Eleven Louisville-area housing developments with a total of more than 900 units are targeted in the lawsuit for issues such as doors and hallways that are too narrow, sidewalks with incorrect slopes, and kitchens and bathrooms that lack space for wheelchair users, all in violation of federal laws that protect the disabled.
     Donald J. Cook, a developer linked to all 11 projects, said he has already spent more than $100,000 in fees for attorneys and consultants since he first became aware of the inquiry about a year ago. Cook said he's not aware of any complaints from residents at the developments, and he said some of the problems outlined in the federal lawsuit conflict with state building codes he was required to follow when the projects were built.