Lawsuit pits the Anchorage against home for abused children

November 14, 2014
Home to more than 50 abused or neglected orphans, the Uspiritus Bellewood campus is being sued by the City of Anchorage.
     "I was shocked and the biggest reaction was how am I going to tell my kids that possibly someone doesn't want them again," said Uspiritus CEO Abby Drane.
     Drane says she found out about the lawsuit in mid-October, but Friday was the day they told the children about the lawsuit which she believes aims to evict their organization for future development of the land.
     "They asked questions like, did we cause this, why don't they consider us a good neighbor, are we going to have a home, where will we go if we don't have this home," said Drane. "It appears to me that there are some city council members that are claiming that they fearful for the residents of the City of Anchorage from what our children could possibly do to them, but I am really confused about that because there hasn't been any claims by any of the city residents."