Lexington Fair Housing Council results in $42,000 conciliation agreement

September 19, 2011
The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Board of Commissioners recently ruled on discrimination complaints that included a $42,000 conciliation agreement resulting from a housing discrimination complaint brought by the Lexington Fair Housing Council:
     Complaint Number 1487-H, The Lexington Fair Housing Council versus Burlington Oaks Apartments in Burlington, Ky.: The Lexington Fair Housing Council alleged discrimination based on disability in housing, a violation of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act and the U.S. Civil Rights Act. The Council claimed it discovered the Burlington Oaks Apartments were inaccessible to people with disabilities in a number of its design elements.
     The apartment company denied any violation of the law. The commission’s investigation of the complaint found there was probable cause to believe discrimination had occurred and issued the probable cause notice to the complainant and respondent. The parties then agreed to conciliate the matter rather than continue litigation. The respondent agreed to pay $7,000 to the Lexington Fair Housing Council and pay $10,000 to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights for attorney fees and the cost of administrative process. The respondent also agreed to correct the design problems and place $25,000 in an account for that purpose, which will be managed by a third party and the complainant. The respondent will report to the commission for law compliance.
     The commission at its August 18 meeting also ruled to accept these additional conciliation agreements: