New Orleans Mission homeless shelter agrees to end discrimination against pregnant women

December 06, 2012
One year after the New Orleans Mission evicted a homeless woman because she was seven months pregnant, it has agreed to end such discriminatory practices, undergo fair housing training and provide financial restitution to the victim, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center announced Monday. The case highlights the scarce resources available to women in a city with a rapidly expanding homeless population.
     Ted Jackson, The Times-Picayune archive "The idea that a woman who was pregnant would have no option but to sleep in the street was simply not acceptable," said executive director James Perry.
     There are approximately 4,903 homeless people in Orleans and Jefferson parishes, and of those, 1,079 are women, according to Unity of Greater New Orleans. Yet the largest shelter, the Mission, only has 20 beds for women and the second biggest, the Ozanam Inn, only serves men. There are 125 family shelter beds but they typically run at capacity.