Open letter to Bush on disability issues

April 19, 2000
Five months ago, I approached you, Vice-President Al Gore, former Democratic Senator Bill Bradley, and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) to learn where the candidates stood on issues affecting people with disabilities... Gore agreed to an interview, and on December 31, he spent 30 minutes with me answering questions. The interview was widely read and widely disseminated on the Internet.
    Senator John McCain's staff told me, "Ride the Straight Talk Express," so I did, going to New Hampshire to ride the bus with the GOP challenger....
    Former Senator Bradley's staff did not have any interest in disability issues. They said that right up front. You see how far it got him.
    Sadly, Governor, last week your staff informed my editor -- after five months of assuring me and Business Week Online that an interview would happen -- that there won't be one after all.