Panel urges examination of white privilege

September 18, 1998
President Clinton's advisers on race, completing their yearlong mission, have concluded that Americans must confront ``this country's history of white privilege'' before its many races can begin to get along.
     The advisory board was urging in its final report today that Clinton take the lead in educating people about that history and how an inferior status was assigned to people of color.
     "It is, we believe, essential to recall the facts of racial domination. ... We as a nation need to understand that whites tend to benefit, either unknowingly or consciously, from this country's history of white privilege,'' the report said.
     Clinton, who was to get the report in a meeting with the board today, planned to use the board's findings as a reference for his own report on how the country can prepare for the day when no racial group is a majority of the U.S. population.