SF landlords might be forced to rent to ex-cons

July 07, 2011
Some landlords in San Francisco are concerned about a proposal they say would force them to rent to ex-cons. The city's Human Rights Commission wants to change city codes as a way to keep former offenders on the right track.
     According to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission nearly seven million Californians have either been arrested or convicted for a misdemeanor or felony. Commissioners say that record makes it hard for them to find housing, but this proposed solution is meeting resistance from some property owners.
     Lafayette Thomas works in the garden outside San Francisco's San Bruno Jail. He was just released from the facility in January and now desperately needs housing, but says no one will rent to him.
     "They want to do a credit report and a police report and it's just hard to get housing. They see you have a felony... and you never get a call back," said Thomas.