Suit asks insurance for disabled homeowners with pit bulls

June 22, 2015
People with disabilities shouldn't be turned down for homeowners insurance just because they have pit bulls for service dogs, a federal court lawsuit filed in Oregon says.
     Undercover testers who told an insurance company they had disabilities and used pit bulls for "assistance animals" couldn't get a price quote, even for animals a doctor had approved or that had no history of aggression, the lawsuit says.
     The lawsuit knits two strands in the stories of Americans and their animals: the long-running scrap over pit bulls and tensions over the evolving, expanding role of service animals.
     Pit pulls, and some other breeds, have a reputation for aggressive behavior and sometimes are prohibited or restricted - one website lists 700 cities that do. In response, some states have pre-empted local authority to pass "breed-specific legislation." The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists 18 states.