Texas comm'n charges anti-children bias

September 21, 1998
With his wife and infant daughter in mind, Derrick Taylor figured the well-lighted apartments with nearby parking in the front of the north Arlington complex would be an ideal home while construction wrapped up on their house.
     Instead, Taylor said, a Cedar Creek Apartments leasing agent told him the vacant unit was in need of repair and suggested a unit in the back.
     The family settled in, but a survey of his neighbors made Taylor suspicious about the agent's story.
     "It was obvious that nothing but families with children were in back and nothing but adults without children were in front," he said.
     Officials with the Texas Commission on Human Rights began investigating the complex, which is in the 500 block of Green Oaks Circle, after Taylor filed a fair-housing complaint in 1996. The ruling found that apartment workers had discriminated against the family.