Two neighborhoods feud over future of street

July 20, 1998
There's much that separates the single-family homes of Mount Vernon Woods in southeast Fairfax County from the sprawling Sequoyah condominium complex -- an elementary school, a park and some tall fences with barbed wire.
     They also are separated by race and economics. Mount Vernon Woods is a mostly white, largely middle-class neighborhood of modest ramblers.
Many of those who own two-story condominiums in Sequoyah are black or Hispanic, and some residents are renters who receive federal housing assistance.
     The only physical connection between them is Fielding Street. Now, that link may be cut.
     Longtime residents of Mount Vernon Woods have persuaded officials to barricade the road, saying that blocking through traffic will reduce crime in their neighborhood. But the plan has brought charges of racism from some in Sequoyah.