Wilmette slashes Housing Assistance Program

October 15, 2013
Despite pleas by fair housing advocates, Wilmette lawmakers recently made significant changes and cuts to the village's Housing Assistance Program, appealing to the private sector to pick up the slack.
     During an Oct. 8 village board meeting, trustees voted 6-0 to a cut a large portion of funding to the $48,000 program and to make changes in other areas. In the past, senior citizens and people with disabilities were recipients of much of the funding in the 34-year-old program, called HAP, officials said.
     The resolution includes an immediate moratorium on new applications to HAP, limits to four years the amount of time people can receive property tax support, and slashes village funding except for $3,000 in annual funds designated for "one-time emergency housing grants." It also phases out the rent assistance component of the program, starting July 1.