Woman evicted after adopting son

April 16, 2010
All she wanted to do was provide a home for an orphaned child, but because of her kindness, a Bucks County woman's home was taken away, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
     HUD is alleging that Doylestown landlords Charles and Patricia Trucksess discriminated against families with children when renting properties and even terminated one tenant's lease after she adopted a child.
     The Trucksesses own several rental properties in Doylestown. In March 2007 a woman, who was not identified by HUD, rented a three-bedroom apartment from them on Old Easton Road near Curly Hill, court documents said.
     While viewing the apartment, the woman told Patricia Trucksess that she planned to adopt a child and Trucksess told her that she'd never rented to anyone with children, according to HUD.
     Still, the woman secured the apartment and in December of that year, adopted a 9-year-old son. They lived in the apartment until April 2009, when the woman was told her lease was being terminated, court documents said.