24 CFR 103.310 Conciliation agreement

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(a) The terms of a settlement of a complaint will be reduced to a written conciliation agreement. The conciliation agreement shall seek to protect the interests of the aggrieved person, other persons similarly situated, and the public interest. The types of relief that may be sought for the aggrieved person are described in Sec. 103.315. The provisions that may be sought for the vindication of the public interest are described in Sec. 103.320.


(1) The agreement must be executed by the respondent and the complainant. The agreement is subject to the approval of the Assistant Secretary, who will indicate approval by signing the agreement. The Assistant Secretary will approve an agreement and, if the Assistant Secretary is the complainant, will execute the agreement, only if:

(i) The complainant and the respondent agree to the relief accorded the aggrieved person;

(ii) The provisions of the agreement will adequately vindicate the public interest; and

(iii) If the Assistant Secretary is the complainant, all aggrieved persons named in the complaint are satisfied with the relief provided to protect their interests.

(2) The General Counsel may issue a charge under Sec. 103.405 if the aggrieved person and the respondent have executed a conciliation agreement that has not been approved by the Assistant Secretary.

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