24 CFR 115.302 Capacity building funds

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(a) Capacity building (CB) funds are funds that HUD may provide to an agency with interim certification during the agency's first three years of participation in the FHAP. Agencies receiving CB funds are not eligible to receive contributions funds under Sec. 115.304.

(b) CB funds will be provided in a fixed annual amount to be utilized for the eligible activities established pursuant to Sec. 115.303. However, in the second and third year of the agency's participation in the FHAP, HUD has the option to permit the agency to receive CB funding on a per case basis, rather than in a single annual amount.

(c) In order to receive CB funding, agencies will be required to submit a statement of work which identifies:

(1) The objectives and activities to be carried out with the CB funds received;

(2) A plan for training all of the agency's employees involved in the administration of the agency's fair housing law or ordinance;

(3) A statement of the agency's intention to participate in HUD- sponsored training in accordance with the training requirements set out in the cooperative agreement;

(4) A description of the agency's complaint processing data and information system or, alternatively, whether the agency plans to use CB funds to purchase and install a data system; and

(5) A description of any other fair housing activities that the agency will undertake with its CB funds. All such activities must address matters affecting fair housing enforcement which are cognizable under the Fair Housing Act. Any activities which do not address the implementation of the agency's fair housing law or ordinance, and which are therefore not cognizable under the Fair Housing Act, will be disapproved.

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