Council Reaches Settlement in Family Segregation Case

1020 N. Fair Oaks
Pasadena CA 91101

Contact:  Gary Rhoades, Director of Litigation

The owners of a La Puente, California apartment complex have agreed to pay $8,750 and participate in a comprehensive fair housing program to resolve a complaint filed with the Fair Housing Council of San Gabriel Valley in Pasadena.

On July 20, 2001, Carolina Flores and Jaspal Singh filed a fair housing complaint on behalf of their family against Glendora Apartments, Inc. of La Puente. The couple alleged that Glendora Apartments discriminated against tenants on the basis of familial status. 

The Council’s investigation confirmed the allegations: Families with children were forced to accept units in the "family" side of the complex, whereas families without children were given the opportunity to live in the non-family section of the complex. 

When Complainants moved into the designated non-family section of the complex with their 10-year old daughter, complaints from tenants immediately followed.  Tenants living in the non-family section had been informed by the manager that no children would be allowed to live in that section of the complex, and that children were confined to live and play in a designated area of the complex. 

In a settlement agreement signed by the parties, the owners of Glendora Apartments admitted to implementing this segregated living arrangement and committed to immediately discontinue this discriminatory practice of imposing differential treatment and terms on families with children. In settlement of the family’s claims, Glendora Apartments, Inc. agreed to pay the family $8,750 and dismiss a pending eviction action. 

Under a comprehensive two-year settlement agreement, Glendora also agreed to participate in fair housing training, education of their tenants and future applicants, affirmative advertising and display of fair housing posters. 

Ms. Flores and Mr. Singh were represented by Danielle Jones and Gary Rhoades, attorneys with the Fair Housing Council. Glendora Apartments, Inc. and its owners were represented by Layne Liddle of Liddle & Liddle in Pasadena.