Statement of Housing Opportunities Made Equal Board President Corey Nicholson

HOME has been providing housing services to Richmond residents for nearly 30 years. Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in housing and provide housing-related counseling and assistance throughout central Virginia.  HOME investigated the practices at Wedgewood Village after receiving complaints from residents and filed the original complaint in 1993 leading to HUD's investigation.  We are pleased with the settlement announced today and believe that it sends a clear message that race discrimination in housing will not be tolerated in Richmond.  We appreciate the work of HUD, the Department of Justice and our attorney, Barbara Gaden, in ending Wedgewood's discriminatory policies and assisting Ms. Dunaway and Mr. Hall to obtain justice for Wedgewood's mistreatment of them.  It gives us hope for the future of our community that this matter was brought to our attention by the white residents of Wedgewood who were upset at the treatment their black neighbors and friends received. By making sure the affordable apartments at Wedgewood are open to anyone who qualifies, and establishing a fund for people wrongfully turned away from Wedgewood, this settlement provides a real benefit to the community.