Rent increase case ends with $40,000 settlement for family

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Contact: Gary Rhoades, Litigation Director

Southern California Housing Rights Center
520 S. Virgil St., St. 400
Los Angeles CA 90020

(Los Angeles, Nov. 1, 2002) -- The Southern California Housing Rights Center announced that the owner and the management company of a Redondo Beach, California apartment complex have paid $40,000 under a settlement agreement and will participate in a fair housing training program to settle claims of familial status discrimination.

Greg and Gia Dubney sued Denise Delurgio in federal court, alleging that the defendant discriminated against plaintiffs on the basis of familial status in the operation of the apartment complex. Specifically, the complaint alleged that defendant increased the DubneysÂ’ rent by $150 upon the birth of their first child. The family had multiple disputes with the defendant over the collection of the extra rent, and then experienced the eventual termination of their tenancy.

Along with the payment of $40,000, under the settlement agreement brokered by Judge Ralph Zarefsky on October 11, 2002, the defendants must also participate in a training program. The plaintiffs were represented by Felicia Yearwood and Gary Rhoades of the Housing Rights Center and Cliff Dover of the Law Offices of Cliff Dover.