HUD ALJs Order Payments to Fair Housing Groups

Two Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judges included payments to fair housing groups for education, outreach and training in Summer settlements. The largest "donation" of $10,000 went to the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, under an order from Chief HUD ALJ Alan W. Heifetz. A smaller payment of $500 went to the Marin Fair Housing Program in California, for a required fair housing training session as ordered by ALJ William C. Cregar. The South Carolina case was unusual because the Community Manager for the North Trace Subdivision in Columbia, South Carolina was the complainant. Deborah West was employed by Respondent Centex as a Community Manager from December 29, 1992 to February 4, 1993.

Complainant West alleged that in January 1993, while she was employed as Manager, Respondent Steve Pope stated racial preferences as a part of their sales program. She alleged that "Respondent Pope made statements to her concerning the sale of dwellings that indicated a preference, limitation and discrimination based on race and color." The order by Judge Heifetz said the Manager comes under the definition of an "aggrieved person" as defined in the Act.

The Centex Real Estate Corp. agreed to pay their former one month Community Manager $7,500 as compensatory relief.

Centex agreed to "donate" $10,000 to the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, "In order to promote equal housing opportunity and in support of the principles of fair housing." The Heifetz order said the money was, "to be used for education and outreach for fair housing in the State of South Carolina, as revenue for SCHAC use only."

HUD ex rel Deborah West v. Centex Real Estate Corp. and Steve Pope HUD ALJ 04-93-0404-8; Filed with HUD 6-08-93; HUD Charge Issued 4-11-95; Order 6-16-95.

The consent order from HUD ALJ William C. Cregar resolved charges a trailer park was separated into areas for adult households and families with children.

Complainants tried to rent a space for a trailer at the Marin Park but were placed on the waiting list. They contend they were not notified of vacancies at the Park and their application was eventually denied because of their familial status.

The HUD Secretary's charge of discrimination, alleged that George Bertram, Doris Bertram, John Kidd, Connie Kidd and Marin Park, falsely denied the availability of a rental space in the park. The charge said they refused to rent to Complainants and separated the park on the basis of family status.

The complainants were Tommy Lucas, Alexa Lucas, and their minor child Nichole Lucas.

The Respondents John Kidd and Connie Kidd were ordered to attend a four hour training session on fair housing law and practices, with a focus on familial status issues. The training session will be conducted by the Marin Fair Housing Program, a local fair housing agency located in Marin County, California. Respondents will pay $500 for the training, at the same time as the payment of damages, rather than at the time of training.

The settlement included payments of $10,000 to the Lucas family and a civil penalty of $1,000 to HUD.

HUD ex rel Lucas v Bertram, Kidd, and Marin Parl, Inc. HUD ALJ 09-93-1431-1; Filed with HUD 3-29-93; HUD Charge Issued 3-01-95 ; Order 6-13-95