Interracial couple wins settlement against Nebraska landlords who refused to rent to them

Kristi Kellogg, a white woman from Lincoln, Nebraska, won a $2,000 settlement from Keith Osborn and Pam Lyman, the owners of a rental house in Lincoln, after they refused to rent an apartment to her and her boyfriend, James Greene, who is Black. The Nebr aska Court of Appeals, affirming the decision of a lower court, ordered Osborn and Lyman to pay Kellogg $900 in compensatory damages and $1,197 in attorney's fees. The Court of Appeals also ordered the defendants to pay a $2,000 civil penalty.

Kellogg was searching for an apartment that she, Green, and her daughter could share. Barbara Osborn, Keith Osborn's mother and a co-worker of Kellogg's, told her that a ground floor apartment was available at the house that her son owned. Kellogg and Green made an appointment to see the apartment with Barbara Osborn. They filled out an application and made a deposit for the apartment. Two days later, Kellogg received a letter stating that Osborn and Lyman wanted no more than two people in the apartment, Greene had not provided adequate references, and that Greene's income was not sufficient if something were to happen to her. Later, Kellogg learned that the apartment had been rented and was occupied by five people, a couple, their children, and one of their grandchildren.