Fair Housing Advocate launches interactive discussion forum on World Wide Web site

The National Fair Housing Advocate has continued to expand its National Fair Housing Advocate Web Site by launching a discussion forum. The forum can be accessed from the web site with any form of compatible web browsing software such as Netscape Navigator 2.0. It is free and open to any and all participants who wish to interact with others from around the country concerning fair housing issues.

Once someone has accessed the forum, they can read messages posted by others, respond with messages of their own, or introduce entirely new topics for discussion. The forum has only been available for a short period of time and already there have been topics or "threads" started concerning testing, tester recruitment, rare cases involving disability, development of posters about fair housing, an important case law development out of the California Supreme Court concerning marital status discrimination and much more.

Joel Emerson, Webmaster for the site, says "This is one of the more important events in the development of the site. All along we have been trying to move toward group interaction and increased communication among fair housing groups around the country via our web site. This provides a forum where people can share ideas and respond to questions without any additional cost." In addition, the forum, like the entire web site, is fully searchable so people can go directly to the messages that interest them. Emerson also said that there has been some discussion about adding a secure password section to the site for use by enforcement oriented individuals to discuss pending cases if there is enough demand.