Resources: <i>Fair Housing Planning Guide</i>

HUD has published the Fair Housing Planning Guide which gives instructions to city officials on how to conduct an Analysis of Impediments to fair housing.

The Guide also gives information on how to fulfill the fair housing requirements of the Consolidated Plan and Community Development Block Grant Regulations.

The Guide, which should be useful to fair housing groups, consists of two volumes. Volume 1 has been printed and is already available. Chapter 1 gives a historical perspective of fair housing. Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 deal with preparing an Analy sis of Impediments, undertaking activities to correct impediments, and maintaining records. Volume 2 - Grantee Activities - will be available in August. It will provide examples of activities that State and Entitlement jurisdictions have undertak en to affirmatively further fair housing. Volume 2 will also explain how jurisdictions can develop similar activities.

To obtain a copy of Volume 1 (publication 1582B) or Volume 2 (publication 1582A), call or write: