Updated information available on the housing rights of people with disabilities


August 26, 2003 -- The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law has released new editions of its popular publications on the housing rights of people with disabilities -- a fair-housing handbook and a review of court cases and other materials interpreting federal and state laws that ban zoning and housing discrimination based on disability.

The 2003 edition of What Does "Fair Housing" Mean for People with Disabilities has updated references to judicial decisions and federal laws supporting text in question-and-answer format. The 52-page booklet is addressed directly to people with mental or physical disabilities who want to rent or buy a home?an apartment or house, condominium or co-op -- whether privately or publicly owned or operated. Like its two prior editions, the booklet is also useful for landlords, housing developers and administrators, real estate agents and advocates for people with disabilities.

The 94-page Digest of Cases and Other Resources in Fair Housing for People with  Disabilities, updated in August 2003, includes abstracts and analyses of more than 50 new cases. Decisions are listed by states according to federal judicial circuits. Each case is coded for its relevance in one or more categories under the broad headings of brokerage, lending and insurance; homelessness; landlord-tenant relations; procedural issues; and zoning, land-use and health and safety requirements. An index lists cases within these key codes; another lists them alphabetically.

Authored by Bazelon Center staff attorney Michael Allen, both publications explain how people with disabilities are protected from housing discrimination under three federal statutes: the Fair Housing Act as amended in 1988, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The cost of the booklet is $4; of the digest, $13.50. Shipping and handling are extra ($2 for the booklet alone, $4 for the digest or for both together). Both can be ordered online through the Bazelon Center's website, www.bazelon.org, or contact the publications desk at 202-467-5730 ext 110 to request an order form.  Discounts are available for bulk