News Notes: Spike Lee Spikes Government Segregation

Spike Lee, director of the biography of Malcolm X, had strong words to say about governmental policies that confine blacks to the inner city. In a long question and answer interview Lee had answered a question about his reaction to the verdict in the Rodney King case and the ensuing riots. The reporter next asked:

What should the government do?

Lee Replied:

"Stop blaming this on welfare. They don't want to do anything really. They just want to keep us confined to the inner city, killing each other off with drugs and violence." (From the New York Times, May 31, 1992)

Shelter Issues in New York: The New Fair Housing Amendments and Western New York Public Housing, is a 45 page summary report. It provides a comprehensive set of views about how implementation has fared in New York State. The report was prepared for the New York State Advisory Committee to the U S Commission on Civil Rights. It reflects a forum held in 1990, interviews in 1991 and fresh material through May 1992. The report says housing discrimination complaints have skyrocketed in the past three years causing a serious backlog of cases. Part II focuses on segregation in Public Housing in Buffalo. The report concludes with a table of six systemic lawsuits which ordered desegregation of public housing in Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Texas. FREE copies are available from:

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