Fair Housing Advocate funded for 18 months; circulation doubles from 5,000 to 10,000

HUD has re-funded the National Fair Housing Advocate for 18 months. The new grant includes doubling the circulation from 5,000 to 10,000. Much of the added circulation will be to the real estate industry and to accessibility groups, but more new fair housing names will also be added.

Please aid this effort by sending us additional names by mail or fax (rather than by phone). Send us case reports of housing case settlements to remind people of the problem of discrimination and the solutions. Help show the fair housing movement as a continuing struggle rather than a past historical event. (See John Grisham, The Chamber, p. 50.)

Grant Gives Continuity

The new grant gives the Advocate much needed longer term continuity which is so desirable for our readers and those who contribute articles. We will publish every month except in the Winter, and our deadline will be the last day of each month. This issue and the last four have been prepared using other than HUD funds, and we are behind.

Look for these enhancements:

  • Colored ink highlights.
  • An index for future and past issues.
  • Three ring holes punched for ease of saving issues in a notebook.
  • A new separate fax line, 502/583-3180.
  • A restored national toll-free line 502/558-3247.
  • A flatbed scanner.
  • A CD-ROM data base of addresses, bar codes etc.