24 CFR 108.1 Purpose and application

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(a) The primary purpose of this regulation is to establish procedures for determining whether or not an applicant's actions are in compliance with its approved Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing (AFHM) plan, AFHM Regulation (24 CFR 200.600), and AFHM requirements in Departmental programs.

(b) These regulations apply to all applicants for participation in subsidized and unsubsidized housing programs administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and to all other persons subject to Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing requirements in Department programs.

(c) The term applicant includes:

(1) All persons whose applications are approved for development or rehabilitation of: Subdivisions; multifamily projects; manufactured home parks of five or more lots, units or spaces; or dwelling units, when the applicant's participation in FHA housing programs has exceeded, or would thereby exceed, development of five or more such dwelling units during the year preceding the application, except that there shall not be included in a determination of the number of dwelling units developed or rehabilitated by an applicant, those in which a single family dwelling is constructed or rehabilitated for occupancy by a mortgagor on property owned by the mortgagor and in which the applicant had no interest prior to entering into the contract for construction or rehabilitation. For the purposes of this definition, a person remains an applicant from the date of submission of an application through duration of receipt of assistance pursuant to such application.

(2) All other persons subject to AFHM requirements in Departmental programs.

(d) The term person includes one or more individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations, labor organizations, legal representatives or agents, mutual companies, joint-stock companies, trusts, unincorporated organizations, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, receivers, fiduciaries and public entities.

[44 FR 47013, Aug. 9, 1979, as amended at 50 FR 9268, Mar. 7, 1985]

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