Fair Housing Advocate Web Site Receives FHIP Grant

The National Fair Housing Advocate Web Site was funded under the most recent round of Fair Housing Initiative Program awards by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The grant includes the continuation of the Advocate Web Page begun last June, as well as placing an in-house computer server directly on the Internet. This server gives easier control over the content and availability of the National Fair Housing Advocate Web Page .

The $97,000 eighteen month grant includes the distribution of 75 free modems to fair housing groups around the country as well as the cost of their first six months of Internet access. Recent lowered costs for modems will allow for more modem purchases .

A new toll free support number, (800) 254-2166, has been established to provide technical support to fair housing groups seeking to use the Internet effectively in their fight against housing discrimination.

Anyone can access the Fair Housing Advocate Web Page at www.fairhousing.com on our own in-house computer server. This is an upgrade from an outside commercial server we began with earlier. "Our new site includes all the information that has been available for several months at the old location as well as new documents that have recently been added," said Joel Emerson, webmaster for the site and the Assistant Director for the Fair Housing Council which produces the Advocate.

The present page includes recent editions of the Advocate, HUD Infograms, HUD Guidance Notices concerning fair housing law, notices of upcoming meetings and job postings from fair housing groups nationwide. In addition, there are hyper-text lin ks to HUD and the Department of Justice as well as other informative and substantive sites on the Internet. The page is continually being revised so people are encouraged to visit the page often to see what has been added.

Recently, an attorney commented on how much easier it was to simply access the guidance notices from the Web site than it was to track them down in his own office files. This is just one example of how the web page can be used to help people in their da ily work in fair housing.

On a recent day, the site was accessed 148 times. Most accessed are the six Guidance Notices issued by the HUD FHEO Office of Investigations and the recent issues of the National Fair Housing Advocate.

The staff of the Fair Housing Council seeks feedback from those who have visited the page and may have suggestions for improvement. If someone has a fair housing item they would like displayed on the web page, please contact Mr. Emerson at the numbers o r E-mail address listed below. It is best to send documents by disk or E-mail in a standard unformatted ASCII text file, but mail or faxes can be sent. Meeting announcements and job descriptions should contain as much descriptive information as possible and should include a contact person, phone number, address, and E-mail address if available. All submissions will be added as soon as possible. The FH C may have to limit content when necessary.