1995 issues of The Advocate

Illinois Landlord May Be Required To Accommodate Tenant Who Became Wheelchair Bound

A federal district judge has ruled that a Chicago area landlord may have to allow a tenant to move from the third floor to the first floor to make a reasonable accommodation to her use of a wheelchair.

The plaintiffs, Karen Roseborough and her minor daughter Lindsey, leased a third floor apartment at the Cottonwood Apartments in Mount Prospect, Illinois in September 1992. By December 1992, Karen, who suffers from degenerative arthritis, had become ph ysically disabled and dependent on use of a wheelchair. The plaintiffs are African-American.

AWARD: A Veteran of Fair Housing Wars

By Blanca A. Nieves

The year was 1965, when Lee Porter and her husband, Richard, were escorted by a Fair Housing Council official to a home in Bergenfield.

The young black couple had been looking in Bergen County for months. Most times, they were steered to segregated areas.

When they found a home they wanted in the predominantly white area, neighbors were abusive and tried to discourage them from buying.

Appeals Court Upholds Mortgage Bias Decision

A California state appeals court has upheld a $150,000 award to a black couple who sued a South Orange County mortgage broker, alleging they were denied a home loan in Coto de Caza because of their race.

In a unanimous opinion, the 4th District Court of Appeal ruled there was ample evidence to support the jury's conclusion that George and Elizabeth Green were discriminated against by the Rancho Santa Margarita Mortgage Co.

San Diego Hispanic Case Settled for Record $85,000

Federal Judge Napoleon A. Jones, signed a consent decree in February that is believed to be the largest fair housing settlement in San Diego county history.

The $85,000 settlement, resolved a suit filed in July of 1993, alleging that the owners and operators of the Essex Manor apartments violated the Fair Housing Act. The suit alleged that the 150 unit complex systematically discriminated against Hispanics.

Buffalo Home Settles Three Housing Discrimination Suits Involving More Than 500 Area Apartments

In March Buffalo's Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) announced the resolution of three separate fair housing complaints involving more than 500 units at the Kensington Village Apartments, the Amberleigh retirement Community, and properties at sever al locations owned by Donald J. Reeves.

Baltimore Neighborhoods Settles Ad Case for $87,500 to BNI and $125,000 For Affirmative Recruitment

Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI) has settled four- lawsuits alleging discriminatory advertising. The settlements will result in $125,000 worth of affirmative efforts to recruit black residents to retirement communities and payments of over $85,000 to BNI. The January settlements were of claims against ESS Ventures, Inc., publisher of Baltimore Magazine and Mid-Atlantic Country magazine, and Patuxent Publishing Company, publisher of the Towson Times and several other newspa pers.


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